Christina Aguilera Really Diss Lady Gaga?

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Christina Aguilera does not have the best reputation, but she is on The Voice right now and its doing real well…I have not watched the show yet but I have caught a glimpse here and there and it looks interesting! But here we go again with Christina ‘allegedly’ bashing Lady Gaga. When Gaga first hit the scene Christina and Gaga had similar looks and Christina did not like the comparisons. But now a source at The Voice is dishing that Christina went in on Gaga again (a freakin’ superstar right now) for no reason!

According to The National Enquirer via Celebitchy, this is how it went down,

Christina was unable to contain her feelings [about Lady Gaga] during a recent taping of “The Voice” – and began blatantly bragging about how much more entertaining she is than Gaga.

“Christina told a contestant she was 10 times better than Gaga, said her rival was annoying – and expressed her amazement that Gaga ever got famous,” disclosed a set insider.

“It caused quite a scene, and producers insisted on reshooting the segment.”

Christina has had other shocking outbursts, and she has become extremely unpopular with show staffers. One describes her as “a bitter person with an ax to grind about everything,” adding that the singer’s cursing requires that her on-camera comments be heavily edited.

“She’s like a bitter old woman trapped in a 30 year-old’s body!” said the insider.

Does this sound like Christina?

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