Cute Sunglasses

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Ahhhh, Spring is right around the corner. I can’t wait for it to get here. I’m so tired of cold weather and snow. It’s time for me to ditch my sweaters and pick up some cute tees and sunglasses. I usually like aviator sunglasses because they are very classic, but this year I want to be fabulous. So I want some big ol’ cool sunglasses like the Tom Ford cream pair (below, “Elizabeth” pair). You can wear sunglasses all year round but its Spring and Summer when we really break them out officially. The other day I was surfing an online sample sale ( I don’t remember which one) and I saw a pair of cute Tom Ford sunglasses and I didn’t buy them and I totally regret it now ( Boooooooo!). Well, the time has come for sunglasses… I may be jumping the gun. Spring isn’t here yet, but we do have to change the clock this weekend…it’s almost here. Yeaaaaaa!

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