Hair: Where does your part reside?

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I almost always part my hair…in two spots; it’s either in over my left eye or in the middle. It’s weird but the other day I tried to part my hair on the right side and it bothered me so much that I moved it with my fingers because I didn’t have a brush or comb. I don’t know if my hair naturally parts on the left, it’s weird. I have seen people not wear a part and bush all their hair back. Sometimes I get jealous of that because it seems so easy. I try to do that but it won’t stay so I usually have to wear a head band.

Cameron Diaz was looking cute yesterday in NY with her dirty blonde hair and red lips. Wow, her eyes are blue! She is always so adorable.  If you didn’t notice Cameron has a middle part and I think she wears her hair like this a lot. So, now we know where she parts her hair.

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