Was Demi Lovato Caught Buying Beer On Her Birthday?

Demi Lovato and some friends were spotted over the weekend buying some goodys at 7-11 and it appears like they purchased some beer! Technically Demi’s mystery guy could be over 21 and be purchasing the beer so let’s not assume a 19 year old Demi was drinking, plus Demi was spotted only with Redbull in hand.

According to x17online,

Disney actress/popstar Demi Lovato was bowled over by her friends’ surprise birthday celebration Friday night. The newly-19-year-old had her official birthday party Thursday night at Beacher’s Madhouse at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood but last night, her pals came together to organize a night of bowling at Pinz in the Valley.

Demi emerged from the bowling alley at 1:30am, with a pin signed by all her friends. But the party wasn’t over yet! Lovato and a mystery man headed to 7-11 to pick up something for the AFTER-party at a friend’s house. While Demi stuck with Red Bull to give her enough energy to stay up the rest of the night/morning, her pal picked up some Miller Lite. Two more years and you can join in, Demi!

Demi even tweeted about her purchase!

Birthday redbulls cause #soberissexy… Duh. 🙂

Demi also had to honor of attending Kim K.’s wedding this weekend!

Photo from PR Photos

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