Did One Direction’s Zayn Malik Cheat On His Girlfriend, Perrie Edwards?

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Uh Oh, looks like One Direction’s Zayn Malik has been creeping on his girlfriend, Perrie Edwards from Little Mix. Allegedly Malik slept with an Australian waitress Courtney Webb, who alleges she did not know who he was at the time or that he had a girlfriend. Webb says she met the rising pop star at a London club, DSTRKT and when back to Malik’s home with a group of friends. She said she hookup with with him and then she realized there was a photo of a girl, and figured he did have a girlfriend. Malik asked her to leave after they had sex, but then he fell asleep and she took photos of him and his famous tattoos.

The singer, 20, reportedly slept with Australian waitress Courtney Webb on Wednesday while his pretty girlfriend, 19, was busy rehearsing for her band’s UK tour.

Now the 21-year-old blonde, also known as CJ, has spoken out revealing all about the alleged fling, insisting he told her he was single.

CJ has spoken out to The Sun, telling the publication: ‘He’s an absolute s**t. How dare he – not only to me but to Perrie?’

She then added that she believed Zayn has strayed on more than one occasion, saying: ‘I definitely don’t think it’s the first time he’s done this.

‘I feel sorry for Perrie – she doesn’t know this is going on. It’s wrong and it has to stop.’

CJ explains that she met Zayn’s friend in London hot spot DSTRKT, before going back to the pop star’s £2.2million home with a group of people following their night out, after friend Leon Anderson invited them back to an ‘after party at my boys’.

When she arrived she was very impressed by what she saw, which included a swimming pool and upstairs cinema, as well as skateboards lying about for him to play with.

She insists she was unaware who he was or that he had a girlfriend, revealing that after a few hours he asked his friend to make sure she stayed.

As soon as they were alone together, CJ then claims the X Factor star pounced on her before they had sex.

Although things went awry when Malik allegedly asked her to leave and tried calling her a taxi straight after.

But they soon fell asleep, which is when she took a photo of him and his recognisable tattoos lying in the bed.

Courtney also claims she then realised he may have a girlfriend after seeing a number of Perrie’s belongings dotted around his room, including fake eyelashes and make-up.

But he allegedly told her: ‘Don’t worry about her she’s on tour.’

Zayn has since flown to France to perform at the NRJ Music Awards with his bandmates, where they picked up the best international band gong on Saturday night.

Perrie, meanwhile, is busy getting ready for her Little Mix tour.

She recently spoke out about their relationship, insisting she trusted him completely, even when he’s away in America.

She said: ‘Me and Zayn are really happy. We see each other quite a lot – the only time we don’t is when he’s in America. It’s really hard but I trust him.’

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