Ann Curry: Barred From Being On Live TV?

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The Ann Curry saga continues. Curry has been put on the back burner since she was let go from NBC’s The Today Show and she is being dissed even more…she is allegedly being barred from live TV and is only allowed to do pre-taped interviews that can be edited according to Page Six. Curry has been doing reports for  “Rock Center with Brian Williams,” just not live.”There’s growing friction because she’s been pushing for live interviews, but NBC will only air her taped interviews, presumably so they can edit them. Ann keeps bringing live interviews to the table. She has great relationships with celebrities” — including Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie — “who will only sit down with her.”

Curry’s TV time demise may be due to her strained relationship with former co-ancher, Matt Lauer, who is allegedly at fault for her Today firing and it doesn’t help that she has ignored him on live TV when they were covering the Olympics. Curry may be trying to get out of her NBC contract and head to cable following Cable News Network’s Jeff Zucker her friend and former  executive producer of “Today.” A rep for NBC said, “Ann Curry has a multi-year contract with NBC News. The rest of this gossip is nonsense.”

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