Blush: The Search for the Next Great Makeup Artist

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Blush is a new reality show where contestants will compete for a professional contract with Max Factor, $100,000 and a chance to work on an Instyle photo shoot. I think that this reality show is a great idea but I wonder how big the audience will be since the concept is so specific to makeup. I think that they are trying to see if a show about makeup could possibly become as popular as shows like, Top Model or Project Runway. I don’t know, even though I love makeup.  But I am already hooked on the show mainly because of Maxi. If you haven’t watched the show…remember the name Maxi…I love himmmm!!! He is so dramatic and over the top, it’s ridiculous. The show also has Charlie Green, renowned makeup artist to the stars but you can usually see her working with Victoria’s Secret. I knew the show was coming on, but I didn’t even know it had started already. Have you watched it and if yes, do you like it?

They have the 1st episode on Lifetime’s Website…check it out!!!!


P.S. How beautiful is Vanessa Marcil? I have loved her since she was the bad girl on General Hospital.

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