Drama…The Kardashian Trio Left MasterCard Event Early…MasterCard & Club Are Upset!

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The Kardashians are usually professional people, but at the recent launch of their new Prepaid MasterCard event they left early and had to be summonsed back and the club Pacha is upset and want their money back to the tune of $75K ( you know the Kardashian appearance fee $25K times 3). But there was a rumor that the event didn’t have enough security so the ladies left for their own security.

The Kardashian sisters commanded $25,000 to turn up at Pacha to promote their new prepaid MasterCard on Tuesday night. But now club bosses want their money back after the girls stayed for less than an hour instead of their contracted three hours before being coaxed back. The West 46th Street club paid MasterCard for Kim, Khloe and Kourtney to grace its red carpet, but “they stayed for just 45 minutes then left. The organizers were furious and were calling them demanding they come back. They did come back, but only stayed for another hour.”

Kim continues her NYC shopping sprees!

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