Kate Hudson Thinks Every Woman Should ‘Just Chop’ Off Their Hair

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Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson surprised everyone when she buzzed off all her hair. But it was all for the movie, Sister also starring Sia. Kate explained that How much she actually loves the cut even though she has since started growing her hair into a pixie cut. “My little one and Sia took clippers to it. It’s funny because when you’re doing it for a role you don’t really think about it because you’re just ready for it. You’re like, ‘Let’s do this.’ But when it was done, it was like: ‘Oh, my head’s shaved … oh, my god! I really loved it, I actually miss it. My boyfriend used to rub my head and it would put me right to sleep. I’ll never forget that sensation of just falling asleep to him rubbing my head. I’d never felt anything like that before.”

And Kate thinks every woman she get a buzz cut at least once in her life.  “I honestly think a woman in her life at one point just needs to chop it all off, it’s so liberating. People look at you differently.”

What do you think have you buzzed off your hair? Do you love it for regret it?

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