Felicity Hoffman & William H. Macy Celebrate Hollywood Star!

Felicity Hoffman and her husband William H. Macy shared a celebration yesterday, joint stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame-William for movies, Felicity for TV.

“The first time I saw Felicity she was doing a scene for acting class wearing a silk, cream-colored blouse with no bra. I thought, ‘Man, this girl is talented,'” Macy cracked about his wife of nearly 12 years.

“The first time I saw Bill, he was wearing an Izod shirt with a tie. I thought ‘Man, is his wife gorgeous,'” quipped the Desperate Housewives star.

And their joint acceptance speech continued accordingly, each actor out-punchlining the other.

“The first time we ever did it in a dressing room at a theater was in a play called ‘OH Hell’ by David Mamet…at Lincoln Center. We got good reviews,” Macy offered.

“The first time we ever did it in a dressing room at a studio,” added Huffman, “was in a series called Sports Night by Aaron Sorkin…at ABC. We got our first child.”

Felicity also chatted a little on the Mark Cherry/Nicollette Sheridan court battle.

“It’s been hard,” Huffman said. “I wish it wasn’t happening…It’s too bad, but, I have to say, it’s not really influencing what we do on set. We’re all still working and [doing] OK.”

Via E!News

Photo from PR Photos