George Clooney Contracted Malaria From Tripto Sudan!

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OMG,George Clooney contracted Malaria from a trip to Sudan, which is crazy but he is on medication and is on his way to feeling better but alot of people don’t have access to those medications and die!

According to Hollywood Reporter,

George Clooney has contracted Malaria following a recent trip to Sudan.

This is according to Piers Morgan, who Tweets that he will feature the actor (and his father Nick) on his CNN evening show Friday.

“It’s his 2nd bout of malaria,” Morgan Tweets. “Taking medication but feeling rough.”

Clooney has frequently traveled to Sudan to try to bring awareness to the possibility of another bloody conflict as the country is positioned to split itself in two.

Clooney’s representative Stan Rosenfield said that the actor contracted the disease during a trip in the first week of January (his CNN appearance was taped Jan. 13). Clooney said in a statement: “This illustrates how with proper mediation, the most lethal condition in Africa, can be reduced to bad ten days instead of a death sentence.”

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