Gewn Stefani: There’s Something ‘Comforting’ About Social Media

Gwen Stefani

You either love it or hate it—social media that is! And Gwen Stefani might be a little late to the Twitter/Snapchat game but so far she’s totally into social media and calls it comforting. “When [social media] first started, it felt really embarrassing, like you’re shouting out yourself so much.[Before social media], the people that we loved, they were very mysterious.” But Gwen did agree that we now live in an in the moment kind of word where fans can reach out to their favorite celebs via the internet (positive of negative).”Society has changed a lot. I think that people feel real good about tapping into everybody’s life [with social media], and there’s something comforting about that.”

What’s not comforting is when people get mean!

Photo from PR Photo