Nike Standing By Maria Sharapova For Now?!

Maria Sharapova

Nike may have been on the fence about Maria Sharapova and her doping scandal, but the sneaker giant will stand by her for now at least.  Nike’s global brand head Trevor Edwards says the tennis superstar could be re-signed. “Each time those situations happen, you are saddened and disappointed,” Edwards said at a recent event according to Fortune. “At the same time, there are many athletes that inspire us. “At the end of the day, athletes are humans just like the rest of us, and they have the same frailties that the rest of us have. And sometimes those moments become teaching moments.”

Look Maria was wrong and she should have kept up with her Tennis regulations, but the substance she was taking had just been banned. Now if she’s telling the truth she deserves another chance, but if it really was for performance enhancement then—it should be a problem.

Photo from PR Photos

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