Halle Berry Told Not To Move To France!

Halle Berry wanted to head to France after she felt threaten by a stalker, but she camp advised her not to due to her ongoing court battle with the father of her daughter, Gabriel Aubry. It would not be best for her daughter, Nahla, But Halle may go forward anyways.

“The fact is that Halle just didn’t want to listen to the advice she was being given about not pursuing a move to France with Nahla right now,” the source says. “Halle just can’t understand why it would take so long for the judge to decide, but this is a drastic move to a foreign country. Halle was told to wait six months and perhaps as a result of the parenting classes that both Gabe and Halle are taking right now, they might be able to work out a new custody agreement without having to go to court.

“Halle absolutely didn’t want to wait though, she is a very determined person. The judge has indicated that absolutely no ruling will be made for at least 6-9 months, and that will be after the psychologists, Nahla’s court appointed lawyer and the custody evaluator submit their reports.”

One of Aubry’s frustrations is that Halle claims she needs to move to Europe as she feels unsafe in Los Angeles because of stalkers and paparazzi. However, the source says this just doesn’t add up as far as Aubry is concerned.

“Gabriel said that Halle was picking up Nahla from pre-school, in a walking cast last week,” the source says. “He says that she picked Nahla up by herself and that if she feels so threatened and vulnerable, why is she picking up Nahla without a bodyguard, especially when she is in a walking cast and vulnerable? It just doesn’t add up.”

Via RadarOnline

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