Have you had the problems with the T3 Evolution Hair Dryer? I have!?

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I have sang the praises of my T3 Hair dryer for years and then one day…the dryer goes on but has no power and it makes a weezing sound. I keep my dryer in its box because it was such an expensive investment piece that I want to keep it in its best condition only to be taken out when I am going to use it. I love this dryer but I am sad that it is failing me. It was  a gift and I have no reciept. I contacted T3 and thay may exchange it but I have to pay like over $50 to have it replaced and I don’t know if I am getting a new one or mine fixed. Such drama! I had to borrow a dryer…so sad! I’ve had my dryer for like 5 years, but at the price that was paid for it and the way I maintained it…I’m upset!!! Oh  yea and my specifcs dryer has been discontinued!!!

Have you had problesm with the T3? What dryers do you recommend?

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