I’m starting to believe that Blake Lively is all legs!!!

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Blake Lively has a great pair of legs and she is not afraid to use them…case in point… the cover of Esquire...HAWTTT! She kinds looks like a bad girl in a fun, sexy way…Very “Grease”-like!

On playing Serena from Gossip Girl:

“I can snap into Serena very easily. The way I dress as Serena is pretty much the way I dress as me. I’m living in New York City, shooting in New York City,” she says. “I’m in a comfort zone.”

On her sex scenes:

“I have a sex scene in this film, and that’s never comfortable,” she says as the knife blade bangs the plate she’s using as a cutting board. “You think, Oh, that’s going to be so awkward. But this scene isn’t supposed to be a steamy one — it’s sort of tragic, because this girl is so desperately trying to keep this man interested. It’s more intimate than most sex scenes. I’m pretty much crying in it.”

Next Up For Blake…The Green Lantern Movie

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