Jaden Smith Made Millions with ‘Karate Kid’ Revamp!

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Wow, Jaden Smith really is his father’s son…Jaden banked several million for the Karate Kid movie. Wow, it pays to be a ‘Smith’ these days!!!

He’s only 12 years old — but last year, Jaden Smith pulled in SEVEN FIGURES to star in “Karate Kid” … TMZ has learned.

TMZ obtained Jaden’s “KK” contract from June 2009 — back when he was only 10 — and according to the docs, his up-front fee was split into two installments … one for $900,000 and one for $100,000.

But Jaden’s back end deal was even more lucrative — since the film topped $150 million in the domestic box office, the young actor locked down another $2 million bonus.

But $3 million is the bare minimum — based on several additional in-contract perks AND the astronomical success of the film, Jaden likely pulled in even more.

And then you have Willow Smith who is the next Rihanna with all her cuteness!

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