Janay Rice Tells ‘Today’ She Was ‘Furious’ After Elevator Incident

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Ray Rice and wife Janay sat down with Matt Lauer for a Today Show exclusive, which will air on December 1 and 2 on NBC. The interview comes on the heels of yesterday’s announcement that Rice won won his appeal (after an indefinite suspicion) and has been reinstated to the NFL. He is  essentially a free agent.

Janay tells Lauer of the day after the incident in an Atlantic City hotel when she began to realize what happened in that elevator. “I was furious. We came home and we didn’t talk the entire ride.  Well, I didn’t speak to him the entire ride home. He tried to talk to me.  I didn’t want to hear any of it.  I just knew he hit me, and I was completely over it.  I was done… I just didn’t even want to entertain it – any explanation.  Of course in the back of my mind and in my heart I knew that our relationship wouldn’t be over because I know that this isn’t us, and it’s not him.”

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Janay also released an Essay via ESPN about the account in her words and now that Ray is a free agent TMZ has reported that a few NFL teams are eyeballing  Rice for a second chance, but are weighing their options right now…negative press, fans disapproval and teammate acceptance.

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