‘Jersey’ Star Angelina Puts Music Career on Hold?

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Jersey Shore ‘s resident trouble maker Angelina was supposed to have a new single coming out, “I’m Hot” ( which was Paris Hilton’s catch phrase and circa 2005) but she has put her singing career on hold because she is not getting paid enough and is being offered a low…low…bad contract!

Angelina from “Jersey Shore” is pulling the plug on her upcoming music single called “I’m Hot” — but not because it’s terrible … because she claims she’s not getting paid enough cash.

Sources close to Angelina tell us … the reality star is pissed at her producer Andy Stein — insisting that after she laid down the vocals, dude tried to screw her with a lowball contract … that she refuses to sign.

But Stein claims he doesn’t understand the problem — telling us, “I agreed to give [Angelina] exactly what she asked for.”

The song was originally supposed to drop on October 16th — but now, it seems the world may never be exposed to what most certainly would have been the greatest song ever released.

I would be interested to hear the song…just curious…are you?

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