Jessica Simpson Being Sued Over Exercise Tape!

Jessica Simpson is being sued by a company called, SpeedFit. SpeedPit and Jessica did an oversize tape together, but Jessica did not like the final product and she bailed on the project even though she was paid

“Jessica did an exercise video about losing weight [that was never released] and instead she chose to gain weight and cash in on it,” Alex Astilean, CEO of SpeedFit tells HuffPo.

Astilean also believes he has new evidence that Simpson never wanted to be the spokesperson for his exercise tape in the form of an interview the singer did with Lucky magazine in which she explained that gaining weight was good for business.

Simpson was reportedly paid $500,000 to make the exercise tape but her camp argues that SpeedFit did not produce a suitable final product. After years of legal disputes, Simpson won and Astilean was ordered to pay her business manager for defamation. But the fitness company CEO isn’t letting Simpson off the hook.

“I am asking for a new oral argument and this time will be represented by a law firm,” Astilean tells me. “I strongly believe the Supreme Court will prove I am right.”

A spokesperson for Simpson had no comment.

Photo from PR Photos