Justin Bieber Admits Relationship With Mom & Manager ‘Better Now’

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The Comedy Central Roast Of Justin Bieber - Show

Justin Bieber had a few years of trouble, but the single pop star is looking to come out on top. Bieber sat down with USAToday and talked about that hilarious Roast, his improved relationship with his mother and manager and finishing up his album. 

Bieber laughed off most of the jokes during his Roast, “I’m human, so some of the things they said stung a little, but I took it on the chin, owned up to some of the funny, dumb things that have happened. But some of the stuff isn’t true, like the drag racing thing (in Miami), they showed that my speedometer said I was never speeding. But overall it was really good, very funny, with Kevin Hartand Will Ferrell coming out. That was definitely my favorite part, Will. Man, when he came out (as Ron Burgundy) and said ‘No, Justin’s been doing everything right.’ That was so funny.”

Bieber adds that during the past two years his relationship with his mother Patti and manager Scooter Braun was strained, but has since turned around. “We lost our relationship for awhile. She couldn’t really tell me anything; she would try, but I wasn’t listening to anybody and that sort of sucked. But our relationship is getting better now; we’re getting it back.” And thinsg with Scooter are also better, “He’s in the picture, yeah. We also were on some weird terms, too, but now we’re back 100 percent.”

Justin really seems like a more mature person. Something must have changed in his mind one day….too much bad press!

Photo from Comedy Central

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