Kanye West Walks Off During Tampa Concert Over Technical Issues

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Kanye West walked off the stage during his Tampa concert on the ‘Yeezus’ tour over a lighting issue. According to the Tampa Tribune (via HuffPo) the controversial rapper stormed off the stage after having a few technical issue…he believed the lasers shooting out of the fake mountains “sucked,” the lighting was wrong, his mic didn’t give him the “deep voice” he needed in the performance and lastly he was upset with the color of his face on an LED screen.

Tampa Bay Times’ music critic Sean Daly says Kanye yelled at the crew, “He screamed at his tech crew; he barked at the audience. But just try looking away: The local crowd would sing along one minute, collectively hold its breath the next, worried the star would storm off (or perilously writhe off) the stage for good.”

We get it Kanye is a perfectionist! Let me just say I love his passion about things…but…huge but he comes off severely arrogant and its off putting!

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