Katy Perry Wants Tons of Little Brands

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Katy Perry just got married to Russell Brand and she wants tons of kids! Why doesn’t she have one and see how that goes…lol!

“I don’t want to miss out on any experience. I want lots of children,” she told UK’s Graziamagazine. The pop star appears on the latest cover and opens up about married life and her first date with husband Russell Brand.

Plus Katy talked about he first date with Russell…he gave her black diamonds, what a first date, right?

“Russell gave this necklace to me on our first date. It’s a Hindu hand of peace. But they’re not beads, they are black diamonds. He gave me black diamonds on our very first date!”

“My hair was long and wavy at the time and he kept calling me a mermaid. He opened the book and wrote in it, ‘You’re a mermaid and I’m drowning.’ Then he put this necklace on me.” Looks like Brand really charmed Perry.

When asked about Brand, she replied, “What can I say? He’s brilliant. Every day he amazes me.”

Photo from PR Photos

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