Keeping my hair healthy

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I got a haircut in November and I realized that I was doing nothing to keep my hair in its best condition. I have thin, curly hair but I blow dry it straight all the time and I used to have a lot of split ends. So why wasn’t I trying to keep my hair split free and I said to myself…you need to deep condition and you need to lay off the hair dryer (that so can’t happen since I can’t live without it). So I did two things, I marinated my hair…yes I felt like a turkey and I let my hair air dry a lot before I blow dried it.

  •  I used Shear Splendor by Philosophy ($20, 4oz.). It’s an oil for chemically treated, dry hair. You are supposed to leave it on for 20 minutes or overnight (pillow case may get oily and it has an orangey scent), which ever you decide and then rinse out. I would usually put in on my dirty hair and then I shampoo and condition as usual. Afterwards my hair felt soft, shiny and manageable. I kept touching my hair…I totally forgot I had used the Shear Splendor and then I remembered and I was like OHHHHHH!!! This is great! I recommend for dry, damaged and chemically treated hair. I would use every 1-2 weeks.


  •  And I let my hair air dry like 60% and then I use the round brush to finish up with the dryer. Basically I am using the dryer less so I shouldn’t get as much damage.


So I hope that my hair will remain as healthy as possible. What do you do to keep your hair healthy? I will post your routines.

 PS a little tip…if you buy from Philosophy then you can get a bigger bottle for only $1 more.

Photo courteous of Philosophy.

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