Kendall Jenner Disappears From Instagram?

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Yup, Kim Kardashian is taking a social media break—but is Kendall Jenner following her big sister and splitting with from Instagram and her millions and millions of followers. Now while we do know that Kim’s departure from the spotlight is due to that devastating and scary robbery in her Paris apartment, but with Kendall we just have no idea.

On last night’s episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the model discussed gun violence and wanting to join a few organizations helping with gun control, but she feared a backlash. She later realized her platform could help educate people on the consequences of guns, but her Instagram disappeared anyway!

On a side note if you noticed during the episode—Kendall confirmed she has a public and private Instagram account while talking to Kourtney—maybe Kendall has gone underground with her photos and is keeping them private for now…who knows?

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