Kendra Wilkinson Upset Over Fog Machine Incident on ‘Dancing’

Were you watching Dancing with the Stars last night, then you would have notices that Kendra Wilkinson had a little problem with a fog machine during her dance…she couldn’t see where to go and she stumbled a little coming off stage and Kendra is MAD!!!

According to E!,

I was fighting not to have it. I was asking people, “Please, I don’t want to use this smoke machine.” And they go, “Don’t worry. We promise it will look good.” But I made sure everyone knew that I didn’t want it. But what happened was exactly what I thought was going to happen. I didn’t know where I was. I freaked out. I actually had a full dance routine in that smoke, but I actually had to stop the dance in the middle of the stage to find my way out of that smoke.

Sooooooo…..was the smoke rehearsed,

A little bit of it. But they just wanted to push that dang smoke button for ten minutes longer. I’m like, “OK, I’ll just stop my dance because I knew I had to spend this time to find myself out of this cloud.”

Photo form ABC

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