Khloe Kardashian’s ‘Friend’ May Stolen Thousands From Her?

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Remember that bad ‘friend’ Khloe Kardashian was tweeting about recently.Yes, no, maybe? Ok well… Just last week Khloe tweeted, “What would you do if you found out a friend was stealing from you? Would you cut off the friendship and let God handle it? Or would you go the legal route?” So now TMZ has a little more info on the said ‘friend.’ It appears that the alleged friend was stealing from Khloe via her credit card. Khloe hasn’t gone to the police, but reports claim that the friend charged thousands of dollars in designer clothes to Khloe’s credit card, but were never delivered to the reality star. Plus designers may have sent Khloe thousands of dollars worth of merchandise that never made it to her closet. Khloe is still debating going to the police, but friends are telling her this could hurt the friends career.

Rumor has it the ‘friend’ is Monica Rose, Khloe’s former stylist, who was recently let go aka fired.

Side note, Khloe and her Good American for allegedly copying denim designs from an indie designer. So much drama lately!

Photo from PR Photos