Kim And Kanye Probably Won’t Get In Trouble Over Taylor Swift Recording!

2015 MTV Video Music Awards - Arrivals

Kim Kardashian probably checked with her legal team before airing out Taylor Swift’s dirty laundry over those controversial ‘Famous’ lyrics. Well it looks like a technical will keep Kim (and Kanye) from prosecution. According to TMZ, in California if someone records a  “confidential communication” and the other party in the conversation does not know about the taping—that’s a crime, but if the the party being recorded knows the conversation is being ‘overheard’ well that’s different. So Taylor knew she was being recorded  since producer Rick Rubin spoke a few times, as well as Kanye’s filming team. So The West’s are in the clear for now.

Not sure what Taylor’s lawyer will say…remember back in February when a Taylor’s lawyer said that the alleged taoe in question be destroyed…it wasn’t and it didn’t matter.

Photo from PR Photos