Were Kim K. & Khloe Almost Run Off The Road?

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Kim and Khloe Kardashian may have been in the middle of road rage incident. Paparazzi cameras caught Kim and Khloe  having an interaction with another car…Kim was spotted taking a picture of of the license plate and Khloe jumped out of her car and tried to open the car door before they pulled off.  The other driver may have been driving aggressively and tried to push the ladies off the road.

Kim and Khloe Kardashian furiously jumped out of their car yesterday in the middle of a busy L.A. street — after another vehicle nearly ran into them — and now, footage has surfaced of the angry standoff.

It’s unclear what happened right before the cameras started rolling — but sources tell TMZ, the other car had been driving aggressively, turning into Kim and Khloe’s lane … as if trying to run them off the road.

Here’s where the footage starts — Khloe, who’s driving, cuts the other car off to corner it in … then she and Kim angrily hop out to see what the hell the deal is.

It gets crazy fast — Khloe BUM RUSHES the car’s driver side door and tries to open it. Meanwhile, Kim snaps pics of the car’s license plate.

Sources tell us, a woman was driving the other car with another female in the passenger seat. In the backseat, we’re told some guy wearing a CBS Sports t-shirt was filming the entire altercation.

The footage is pretty wild … but it only lasts a few seconds — before the other car backs out and takes off.

Kim tweeted a pic of the other car’s license plate yesterday (below) — with the caption, “This driver tried to hit us and run while video taping it. She works for CBS Sports. Wow drivers beware.”

Photo from PR Photos

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