Kira Plastininia stores fold (ALMOST all of them)

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Many people may not know who Kira Plastinina is…well she is a Russian teenage “fashion designer”…how did she become a designer and have stores at the tender young age of 16 you may ask…her daddy is rich. Almost all of her 12 stores in the US have folded due to our economic times…even the rich have to struggle or at least downsize.  The stores catered mostly to teenage girls and from what I heard the stores were mostly empty most of the time. I don’t even think most of the stores here have been open a year…she wanted to expand way to fast plus everyone knows that you can go to Forever 21 and H&M for trendy yet inexpensive clothes. She needed to start with one store and see how that went but noooooooo she had to open 12 stores and now 10 must close…great way to make an exit!! You know she wasn’t designing most of the clothes anyway!!! Daddy has to close most of her stores because he just can’t find the money to continue with a venture that is making no money at least not in the US.


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