Kirstie Alley Upset With Leah Remini For Leaving Scientology?

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Is Kirstie Alley upset with Leah Remini for leaving Scientology? Well a few of her recent tweets seemed like they were geared towards Leah’s situation. Kirstie’s tweets were spotted on Tony Ortega’s blog about Scientology were she wrote, “When faced w malicious gossip I take a moment to experience the loss of a person I thought was my friend . . Then I say f–k em . . . : ) #Rise” She added cryptically: “The sweetest poison is often served with a smile . . . beware syrup.” Her words seemed to coincide with Leah’s Scientology exit but Kirste has denied the allegations…just not directly…she tweeted, “you’re so vain..You probably think my tweets are about you ..don’t you don’t you don’t you ? …..they’re not. Don’t believe everything you read …in fact don’t believe anything you read..even better, just stop reading.”

No one knows for sure who Kirstie’s tweets were directly.

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