‘Kourtney & Kim Take NY Recap’: Kim Questions Her Friendship With BF & Kris Parties!

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On last night’s episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York we finally got to see Kris partying with random ladies at his home while Kim and Kourt headed home to LA. Kris was warned by Scott not to have a party in their penthouse suite, but Kris went forward and did anyway and well Kim and Kourt found out and Scott took the blame! But Kris confesses and of course Kim is mad (I would be too!!). Bad Kris Bad!

But Kim has other things to worry about like her friendship with Jonathan Cheban. Kim’s mom, Kris tells her that she has gotten word that Jonathan is writing a tell-all book about her life and so Kim goes off on him, without letting him explain (“You’re using me just like everyone else…I’m just betrayed.”)
She later finds out that its a very innocent book about how to be an ‘it girl just like Kim’. When Kim tries to apologize Jonathan throws her out! Jonathan always looked like a good friend, which would be weird for him to back-stab her all of a sudden…so this portion of the show seemed fake-ish! Kim is forgiven by Jonathan when he reads Kim’s forward for his book, which Kris has sent from her computer without letting her know! besties again!!

And lastly Scott wants to rediscover his Jewish heritage, but finds it difficult when Kourtney thinks its just a phase!

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