Lady Gaga Was Made Fun Of As A Child!

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Lady Gaga on Cosmo

Lady Gaga was made fun of as a child for her big nose, curly hair and being overweight! I think that kids can be mean…I got made fun of because of my glasses and haircut! It was not nice at all!  It’s sad because then we get insecure grownups…lol…like me!

Lady Gaga says she was mocked for her appearance during her younger years because she had a “very big nose”.

The Poker Face hitmaker attended a posh school in New York, and admits she found the experience tough.

“I had a very big nose, very curly brown hair and I was overweight,” she said. “I got made fun of.

I am very happy for Gaga…and her success!

Story via ShowBizSpy

Photo from Cosmopolitan

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