Lauren Scruggs Settles With Plane Insurance Company!

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Model/fashion blogger Lauren Shrugs, who tragically lost an eye and hand in a plane propeller accident…has decided to settle in her lawsuit against the plane’s insurance company for seven figures. This will help her out financially as she needs more medical care in her recovery. Lauren is also considering a book deal.

According to to E!, the settlement is confidential,

A source familiar with the personal injury claims negotiations in the Scruggs case tells E! News the 23-year-old blogger has settled with Aggressive Insurance Services for more than $1 million—much more than the $200,000 the company originally offered her and which she rejected.

In pushing for the larger sum, Scruggs’ legal team cited a “bucket” of factors, including the need to cover medical bills, lost wages, lost future income and the pain and suffering she sustained from the accident.

The maximum amount payable from the two Aggressive Insurance policies held by the aviation company totaled $2 million. The minimum was $200,000, which is where the negotiations began, and was the figure the insurance firm initially pushed for since the policy states that’s the amount she’s entitled to as a “passenger.”

But yesterday, Scruggs vehemently disagreed, noting that she had already exited the aircraft and was on the tarmac when the mishap occurred and thus should be entitled to more money. She subsequently asked a judge for a declaratory judgment seeking to interpret the definition of “passenger” in the policy.

Scruggs will have another opportunity to pad her bank account for all that she’s had to endure these last four months as she’s also eyeing a possible book deal.

E! News can report that she’s considering a ghost writer for what will be an “inspirational” tome and plans to hold off giving a TV interview until those arrangements can be hashed out.

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