LeAnn Rimes Talks Twitter Drama With Brandi Glanville!!

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LeAnn Rimes and Brandi Glanville have been going at it for a while now via Twitter. Rimes sat down with ET and discussed their drama. Rimes accused Glanville of using Twitter and thier difference to further her career. “The transparency is what’s being used to actually continue her career with that tweet. That’s the transparency for me. Sorry, if you want to be real honest, I’ll be real honest. It’s pretty ridiculous.” So what’s the tweet in question…when Rimes called Glanville’s two sons with Eddie Cibrian ‘her boys.’ “Flying out with my boys in a few hrs.” Glanville was obviously bothered tweeting, “Someone is trying 2 get under my skin by calling MY children ‘her boys.’ They R MY boys, Eddie’s Boys and ur step-sons…4 now.”

Rimes goes on to add she loves the two boys and wants them to feel loved in her home. “My heart overflows with love for those two boys and also because they’re my husband’s children, I look at them and they are two little spitting images of my husband.They’re with us half the time – I am never going to let a child walk into my house and not feel the love that they feel at their mom’s house.I’m going to be a part of that love, that intense love.I hope we can work it out. Life would be a lot calmer for everyone.”

Do you kinda feel for both women?

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