Is Leo DiCaprio Threatened By Blake Lively’s Relationship w/ Ryan Reynolds?

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Rumor has it that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds got close during the filming of Green Lantern, but Ryan was married to Scarlett Johansson at the time so…no luck, but now that Ryan is single and ready to mingle its a new ballgame. Leonardo Dicaprio better watch out!

According to InTouch (via Celebitchy)

Blake Lively seems to be growing closer and closer to her Green Lantern costar Ryan Reynolds – and who can blame her? Well, her new boyfriend, Leonardo DiCaprio, can – and is! Though the movie itself wrapped a while ago, now that Blake and Ryan are doing press -a nd are both out of the long-term relationships they were in while filming – things have changed.

“They had some chemistry, but they controlled it since Ryan was married at the time they were working on the movie,” a friend says. “Now they seem to be having a great time together. Even Leo has noticed it, and that’s why he’s not particularly happy. Even though the relationship is relatively new, he has a lot stronger feelings for Blake than people realize.”

Photo from MTV

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