Lindsay Lohan Allegedly Choked & Assaulted Over Cell Phone Pictures! Culprit Arrested!

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Lindsay Lohan just can’t catch a break. Lohan allegedly got into a fight with a man in her entourage last night after the man, Chris Labella took photos of her and she did not want those photos takes so she snatched the phone and ran to another room and Labella ran after her. The two struggled over the phone and Labella tried to choke Lohan in the hallway of the W Hotel in NYC and then someone pulled the fire alarm. Labelle was eventually arrested. Lohan was not injured in the scuffle and declined medical attention.

Another weekend, another Lindsay Lohan fracas.

The troubled starlet was allegedly assaulted by a man she’d been partying with in Manhattan early this morning, after she confronted him over his taking cell phone pictures of her, sources told The Post.

Lohan was partying with several pals, including the 26-year-old man, at the W Hotel on Park Avenue South before the group headed up to a room after after last call.

Cop sources said Lohan became enraged after noticing that Chris Labella, 26, of Los Angeles was snapping cell-phone shots of her as she partied into the wee hours.

Lohan snatched the phone out of Labella’s hand and ran into another room in the suite as LaBella — described as a friend of a friend — gave chase, sources said.

Sources said Lohan and LaBella began tussling and eventually spilled out into a hotel hallway where LaBella allegedly tried to choke the addled actress.

With a yanked fire alarm blaring in the background, someone called 911 as the brawl intensified, and DeBella was eventually arrested on an assault rap and taken to the 13th precinct, where he remains in custody.

Lohan was not injured in cell phone smackdown and declined medical treatment, sources said.

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