Lindsay Lohan Banned from Fashion Week!

Lindsay Lohan spends her first day in London partying until 3.30am!

Wow…when you get banned from somewhere that must be devastating …now imagine you are Lindsay Lohan…and you use to be cute and sweet and everyone wanted you…flash forward to now and Lindsay has been banned from Fashion Week. No one wants that kind of press!

We hear from a source close to La Lohan that the wayward actress (who once was a front-row “It” girl) wasn’t invited to Stuart’s Fashion Week show because the designer’s team considers her a “brand damager.”

“A lot of designers, and especially Jill’s camp, don’t think she’s worth all the press she’d get their show,” an industry insider leaks, although Stuart denies that she banned Lohan.

I don’t want to sound mean but  I love the term “Brand Damager”…I find it to be hysterical!!!

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