Lindsay Lohan Starts Community Service & Is Not Becoming a Scientologist!

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Lindsay Lohan is doing things right this time…she has already started her community service. She will be working at Downtown Women’s Center in Los Angeles for 360 hours and 120 at the morgue.

According to E!,

Just two weeks after being sentenced for violating her probation, the troubled actress was spotted Friday morning arriving at the Downtown Women’s Center in Los Angeles to get crackin’ on the 360 hours she needs to spend there helping the homeless. (The other 120 hours will be logged at the L.A. County morgue.)

While it’s not exactly known what she’ll be assigned to do—it could be anything from sorting through donations to cooking meals to answering phones—the judge who sentenced Lohan is hoping the experience of “seeing women who are truly needy” will help to “change her behavior.”

Lohan, who’s in the midst of appealing the other part of her sentence (120 days in jail), has one year to complete the community service.

Another rumor that came up recently is that John Travolta was trying to convert Lindsay to Scientology but this is false…Linds isn’t interested!

Lindsay Lohan is NOT joining the Church of Scientology … TMZ has learned — despite reports claimingJohn Travolta was trying to indoctrinate the actress into his religion.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, the actress has no plans whatsoever to become a Scientologist — she hasn’t taken any classes with the Church … and hasn’t even been asked to visit by current members.

We’re told Lindsay has nothing against the Church — but she was raised Catholic and plans to stay Catholic … in fact, she remains an avid practitioner to this day.

It’s all in response to several reports on Friday — that Lindsay made inroads with the Church of Scientology under the guidance of “Gotti” co-star John Travolta … but it just ain’t true.

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