Lisa Robin Kelly: Police Believe Death Looks Suspicious?


The L.A. County Coroner and the L.A. County Sheriff are both conducting investigations on the death of Lisa Robin Kelly. Authorities are suspicious on the details surrounding the death of the former actress, who was in rehab at the time of her death receiving medical care.Law enforcement told TMZ that Kelly allegedly died at at 8:07 AM according to a doctor at the rehab facility, but the Coroner was not notified until noon. But here is the kicker the doctor onsite told the Coroner that Kelly died of from an embolism, but the Coroner the doc would have no way of knowing that without an autopsy. Kelly as allegedly taking detox drugs, but no toxicology report has been released yet. the Sheriff has issued a security hold on the case so no more info will be release while they are still investigating!

Photo from Twitter