‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ Recap…Pregnancy Test?

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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta is off the handle…there’s even a petition going around to get the show off the air. So what happened in episode 2…Pregnancy results after the jump

Meet Rasheeda, the rapper. She is currently independent and is going to put a new album out (Boss Chick)!

Stevie J asks Mimi for forgiveness over last weeks Joseline incident and Mimi asks for 20% in Stevie’s business (10% from Stevie and Joseline).

Joseline confesses to Stevie J that she is late and could be pregnant.

Joseline does not want to work with Karlie, a fellow artist who blew up her spot (last week) between Stevie J and his love triangle with girlfriend, Mimi and artist Joseline.

Joseline’s pregnancy test comes back positive and Stevie tells her she should take care of it and then asks who’s baby is it?…And she tell him she’s only been with him for the past few months. So…He the daddy!!

Next week…Mimi confronts Joseline and she tells her she is pregnant.

Is this a soap opera or what?

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