‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Mimi So Over Stevie J?

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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta has turned out to be quite a controversial show since episode one and there could be some breakup news…it looks like Mimi Faust has woken up from her Stevie J haze and might be dunzo with him. Mimi has dealt with a lot…infidelities (Joseline’s pregnancy) and blatant disrespect from her baby’s father and now her days with Stevie look like they are numbered!

Mimi tweeted,

“Doing the show was a blessing and a curse. Id still be in the dark and clueless had I not done it. The downside is dealing with the truth It hurts to find out the man u loved so much was capable of doing the most but I’ve been given the gift of clarity. My new beginning begins My only wish is for my daughter to learn from my mistakes and know her worth and never experience what I’ve been thru. I love her sooo much But at the end of the day a very dysfunctional relationship produced the most pure love Ive ever experienced. My daughter. So no regrets.”

“To all the women in dysfunctional relationships- don’t be embarrassed… Just learn the necessary lessons, gain strength and move forward. I just want to thank all my followers for coming on this rollercoaster ride with me. I appreciate all the kind words. Seriously. Much love.”

On a side note…Joseline says she was not attacked at the club and no one cut up her face.

Joseline tweeted,

Once again MTO is always getting false statements I should Take y’all To Court For lying lol. Face smooth like a baby. I don’t have to b on this fake a** s**t all day. Is not real… find u a JOB or do something with your lives. The government make this 4 u dummies that believe this is real life. Please [miss] me with it cause I have work to do.I’m not mad trust. Life is great. I do what I please and don’t give a F Wat u say bout me. Who in the f**k are y’all. Lmao keep digging your toes while u watch me on love and HipHop Atlanta. And after that most of y’all will be paying to go see me!!!

PS…Mimi looks like a strong girl…she does not need to deal with Stevie! Love her composure!

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