‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Erica Mena Brawl Caught On Tape!

Erica Mena

Love & Hip Hop star Erica Mena was involved in a fight with another woman named Tiffany and it was all caught on camera (probably during L&HH filming). The ladies were at a party inside a nail salon when the two began to argue over a guy no less and Erica punched Tiffany in the face and the two had to be broken apart. Later a restrained Tiffany blindsided Erica again before being broken apart again. Video below!

Another day, another RAGING SHE-FIGHT involving one of the stars of “Love & Hip Hop” … with hair-pulling, name-calling and a nasty panther-like, claw-first take down … and TMZ has the footage.

It all went down at a fancy party inside a nail salon in Manhattan … when Erica Mena got into a heated discussion with a blonde lady named Tiffany.

Multiple people who were at the party tell us the two were squabbling over a man … and Tiffany implied that she had hooked up with Erica’s BF in the past.

We’re told Erica DECKED Tiffany … and all hell broke loose.

People rushed in to break up the girls … but both women made it clear — THEY WANTED TO FIGHT.

At one point, a man steps in to restrain Erica … and she threatens to slap him in the face unless he got out of her way. She even gives the dude a pretty nasty forearm to the body.

But just when she thinks she’s safe, Erica is BLINDSIDED by Tiffany … who somehow crept up from the side, and pounced on her prey like a ferocious ocelot (look it up, they’re awesome).

After the incident, Erica took to Twitter to declare victory … saying, “Yeah I knocked @Tiffsway The F*ck Out Tonight SOO Classic! … She wanted A Min of Knock out fame and got it!!!”


Photo from VH1

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