Lyric 145 & Jennel Garcia Eliminated On ‘The X Factor’

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The X Factor let two acts go last night, first up was Lyric 145 who after a late song change were sent packing after they came in last. The group never found their footing with the song choices, hopefully we will hear from them again. Their energy was contagious! Then came the hardest decision for Demi Lovato when two of her contestants were in the bottom, Jennel Garcia and Paige Thomas…Lovato had to choose between the two ladies after they had a sing off for their lives. L.A. Reid and Britney Spears voted for Garcia to go home, then it was Simon Cowell’s turn who refused and made Demi choose between her contestants (it was tough to watch)…she choose Paige to go home and Cowell went with Garcia who was the second act eliminated.

“I was really…bummed to say goodbye to Jennel,” Lovato said after the show. “I’ve invested so much emotion in my contestants, and I am pretty bummed.”

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