Malaya Watson Eliminated On ‘American Idol’

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With no more saves the American Idol judges said goodbye to Mayala Watson on last night’s show. The teen showed she had a strong voice but that was not enough to keep her in the competition. So what was she thinking during her exit song “Honestly, I don’t remember. I was just singing it. I chose that song because I am changing, Trust me, I’m not the same Malaya. I’m more focused on my music. I used to sing for the heck of it, because I was bored or because I like to sing. But now I’m focused on getting bigger and better with what I do. And I’m not as hyper. That’s a lie, I still am.”

She had a great voice but at times came off a little childish, which could have turned away some voters. Malaya landed in the bottom two along with CJ Harris and we all know that save was used on Sam Wolfe last week…so everyone better step up their game!

Photo from FOX

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