Mark Zuckerberg Finally Meets Jesse Eisenberg on ‘SNL’, Plus Nicki Minaj Does “The Creep”!!

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Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Finally Met The Social Networks Jesse Eisenberg on ‘SNL’ last night and it was kinda funny! Mark looked like he was having fun but a tiny bit uncomfortable…nonetheless it was cool! The duo acted as if they had never met, but since this is live TV I’m sure they met previously. It was cool of Mark to do a cameo with Jesse Eisenberg despite Jesse being his fictional movie copycat.

It was hilarious when Jesse asked Mark if he saw The Social Network and wad did he think and Mark says…”It was Interesting” that was the best part!!

Nicki Minaj was the musical guest, she did the digital short and was in a skit!!

She did “The Creep” …check it out…

And Nicki played the sassy bride of Frankenstein with the huge booty…she was cute!!

Photo from NBC

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