Does Matt Lauer Want a $8 Mill Pay Raise?

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Does Matt Lauer want just a simple $8 million raise…lol…maybe! Reports say that Lauer doesn’t want to walk away from NBC’s Today show…just that he wants to raise his salary from $17 Mill to $25 Mill!

Matt Lauer is not seriously interested in leaving NBC — unlike his co-host Meredith Vieira — but he is bucking for a massive raise to $25 million dollars per year.

Sources connected with NBC tell us all the talk about Matt leaving NBC’s “Today” is nothing more than a well-timed negotiating ploy. Remember, the Matt buzz started right after reports surfaced Meredith will leave in September.

“Today” has been the #1 morning news show for 15 years — a virtual cash register for the Peacock — and we’re told Matt wants his slice of the pie … in other words … $25 mil.

Lauer currently gets by on $17 million per year.

UPDATE: A rep for NBC says they are “NOT in any negotiations with Matt … as he is under contract for a long time.”


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