Michael Jackson: The King of Pop will live on in our hearts forever

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Yesterday will become a day in history, the day our biggest music hero died. The King of Pop was not just a man but a legend that transformed music forever. He is what all people aspired to be…successful, talented and admired. Throughout Michael’s life, we can undoubtedly assume that life didn’t always go his way from his childhood to the court trials and plastic surgeries to the wacky things he had become known for. But Michael was an artist who broke down color barriers when there were still huge barricades. He thrilled us with his dance moves and vocal abilities. With every new album there came a new Michael always better than the last. Let us not look at how he lived and died but the impact he had on our lives. He will be missed.

To Michael…we appreciated you and our admiration will last forever. R.I.P.


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