Mila Kunis Really Concerned About Chicken Lawsuit….Not!

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Mila Kunis was recently slapped with a ridiculous $5,000 lawsuit (wellllll not paper have been actually served) over a chicken by a former childhood friend. So it all started when Mila was a young girl in the Ukraine —her former friend, Kristina Karo claims that Mila stole one of her chickens, named ‘Doggie’ 25 years ago and caused her emotional stress and therapy over the years and now wants Mila to pay.

Well Mila is ‘devastated’ and ‘weeping over the $5,000 lawsuit! Just devastated and may plan her own lawsuit after watching Karo’s music video “Give Me Green Card,” yes she’s an aspiring singer—of course. Ashton Kutcher makes a cameo in the video below!

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