Mila Kunis Won’t Confirm Or Deny Marriage To Ashton Kutcher!

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"Jupiter Ascending" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals

Mila Kunis refused to confirm or deny that she is married to Ashton Kutcher during her visit to the Ellen Degeneres Show (Ashton addressed them as the ‘Kutchers’ in a Facebook message). But Mila did gush about her baby,  Wyatt Isabelle. “She’s a really good baby. She was 9.5 pounds when she was born. Yeah! Yeah! Uh huh. Because she was so big, she was like a hearty little thing; we skipped the newborn stage. And so she was like a good hearty eater. 

Mila added, “Newborn never happened. Newborn diapers never happened. And newborn clothes never happened, 0-3. She’s 4 months old and wears 6-month clothing, 6-9. She’s a big girl, y’all!” She also discussed feeling love differently after giving birth to Wyatt.  “You think you know love—and I know people say this all the time—but the truest meaning of unconditional love is my child. I thought I loved Ashton. I thought I loved my parents, my dogs. I was like, ‘I know love.’ It’s such a different aspect, though. It’s not like it’s greater or lesser. It’s just in a whole other field. And if she murdered somebody in cold blood I would love her. I would be like, ‘That’s OK.’ But it’s true. It’s so weird, but when she was born, I was like, ‘This is the most incredible thing that’s ever happened.'”

Mila is out promoting her new movie, Jupiter Ascending with Channing Tatum.


Photo from PR Photos/Ellen

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